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Trump's social media shares surge like crazy on first day, +350%
President Trump Announces Launch of New Social Media Platform, "Truth Social"
Dr. Rachel Levine Is Sworn As First U.S. Transgender 4 Star Officer
Israel makes 3rd booster shot mandatory to enter public venues...
Fauci: People Who Have Conspiracy Theories, Deny Reality ‘Don’t Particularly Care for Me’
Superman's New Motto: "Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow"
Supermarkets in German State Can Now Bar The Unvaccinated From Entry
17 Walgreens in San Francisco Have Already Closed Due To "Legalized Shoplifting" In The City...
Record 4.3 million Americans Quit Their Jobs In August "Because of Muh Delta"
California New Law Requires Retailers to Display 'Gender-neutral' Toys and Childcare Items...
U.S. Federal Reserve Warns of Delays and Price Hikes During this Holiday Season
NYTimes Reports Admits They Lied About Number of Hospitalized Children Due To Covid
Timberview High School Shooter Has Been Released from Jail after Injuring 4 People on Wednesday
Unvaccinated Woman Pulled from Kidney Transplant Waiting List, as Hospital Says Covid-19 Jab Is Required
'Facebook Whistleblower' to Senate: "Don't Trust Zuckerberg"
Facebook Is Back After Hourslong Worldwide Outage...