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Canadian indigenous health expert loses job after it's discovered she is 0 percent indigenous...
WATCH: Lebron James cries like a baby after being mocked by two Pacers fans; Calls the referee to throw them out
Aussie Reality TV Star suffers chest pains and lockjaw right after being vαχχed; Ends up in the hospital with heart attack (VIDEO)
WATCH: Biden voters looting each other during Black Friday 100% Off Sales in San Francisco
[WATCH] Two mothers ARRESTED at Atlanta school board meeting for not wearing masks...
German Police Raid A Restaurant Armed With Machine Guns To Make Sure No Unvaxxed Is Eating There! (VIDEO)
RAW VIDEO: Afghan refugee charges SF cops with knife while shouting "Allahu Akbar"; He gets shot and killed...
STUDY: Plant-based antiviral drug effective against all known COVID-19 variants
WATCH: Covid-tard takes photos of maskless man and his underaged daughter; Runs away like a coward when confronted
WATCH: Unvaxxed Aussies figured out a hack to get around the Covid check-in app
RAW VIDEO: Shooting at Durham, NC mall sends shoppers running for shelter; 3 people shot including 1 child
HERE THEY GO AGAIN: A gang of thugs hit jewelry store in San Francisco mall in broad daylight
(VIDEO) Aussie Chief Minister admits on video they're putting unvaxxed people in 'Covid Camps'
WATCH – Colorado is changing the term 'sex offender' because "it offends sex offenders"
WATCH – Mass parade murderer admits on video to having sex with 16 year old he was pimping out
Student Beats Up Black Teacher Then Calls Her Mom! "You Wanna Talk To Her? Because She's Black And She's P*ssing Me Off!"
Rescue of suicidal woman goes terribly wrong...
OH CHICAGO! SHOCKING VIDEO shows a Black man with knife attacking Chicago CTA employee...
Healthy young woman now fighting for her life after taking the Covid jab…
WATCH: CRT supporter threatens fellow parents during school board meeting
Group of Blacks assault and terrorize Asians aboard a train in Philly (VIDEO)