Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer on 2021 elections results: "We have no media support! Republicans have a massive communications advantage"

The terrible election results for Democrats are going to lead to some terrible conclusions. One might be the assumption that these bad results reflect a media that’s too hostile to the Democrats.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post tweeted this lame summary from former Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer: “Republicans have a massive communications advantage...[Glenn] Youngkin used the right-wing media to communicate his MAGA credentials to the base without offending Independents and Trump-skeptical Republicans.”

When Democrats lose, they say crazy things. Pfeiffer is saying with a straight face that Republicans have “created a powerful, self-serving media infrastructure,” and apparently the Democrats have nothing resembling a Democrat media.

Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist announced that the press under Biden had transformed from “cartoonish hostility to gentle sycophancy.” That’s quite right. I said it changed from “frenzied resistance” to “assistance.” The media have reverted to Helper mode. Under Trump, they were dedicated to exposing the rot. Under Biden, they are dedicated to explaining the plans.

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