Rittenhouse defense files late motion for mistrial with prejudice — No retrial if granted

The prosecution for the state against Kyle Rittenhouse committed egregious improprieties with their actions, including the way the questioned Rittenhouse and more importantly the way they handled evidence. Of particular note was the fact that they provided a lower-quality version of the FBI drone video to the defense.

The defense has filed a motion for mistrial with prejudice, meaning that if granted by the judge, there will be no retrial.

Comparing the compressed version of the drone video given to the defense to the HD version the prosecution held, it’s clear that much more could be discerned by the footage the prosecution kept for themselves. The file was over three times larger than the compressed version.

The prosecution didn’t just botch this case. They absolutely murdered it, and while incompetence can be attributed to some of their missteps, this motion makes it clear that at least some of their actions were malicious. A mistrial with prejudice is in order.

Source: The Liberty Daily

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